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Total Payment Integrity™

360-degree Solution for Pre-Pay Cost Avoidance and Post-Payment Recovery
ClarisHealth exists to change the way that payment integrity has been delivered through integrated technology and service solutions.


Lower medical and administrative expenditures while taking advantage of the most sophisticated analytics and workflow technologies. Our comprehensive suite of technology and services powered by Pareo™ transforms health plan operations.


Efficiently resolve credit balances, enhance compliance and lower operating costs. Leading edge health systems choose ClarisHealth’s solutions: credit automation, electronic overpayment management and resolution, and underpayment support.


Reduce waste and costs and pass on those benefits to your customers. Pareo™ helps you uncover root causes and resolve errors made by clinical providers, improper billing and ineligible beneficiaries for a clear competitive advantage. 

What sets us apart?

It’s all too easy to get bogged down managing the day-to-day of internal versus third-party resources. Our innovative technology PAREO™ allows us to provide health plans with a flexible model that offers an outsource-to-insource approach for one point of accountability. It’s a win-win.
Not just another vendor to supplement your cost containment, audit and recovery, or fraud waste and abuse operations. ClarisHealth integrates pre-pay cost avoidance and post-payment recovery so you can follow the transaction through the whole cycle and find the right balance.
Build long-lasting relationships that understand your unique objectives in the marketplace. We align our strategies and solutions to ensure you achieve your goals: from choosing the right vendors, to implementing the right solutions, to building out your entire payment integrity operations.

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